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The Giver
by Lois Lowry

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This book was extravagantly good. The book is about a place in the future where hatred, fear, and pain have been fully perished. At the age of 12, the elders decide the job or role of the children based on their interests. Jonas is 11 and about to turn 12 in December. Jonas is different from the others. He has pale eyes, while everyone else has dark eyes, he can change objects when he looks at them, and he has unusual powers of perception. When the time had come for the ceremony, he was assigned the job of Receiver of Memory, a really tough job.

Relic Master
by Catherine Fisher

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Raffi, a scholar who has now recently become a keeper is starting the Deep Journey. Galen, Raffi's master is not exactly the kind to be nice with training. Raffi knows that the Deep Journey is hazardous and even death taking, but Galen says in order to be a keeper, you must go through difficulties. Something is hunting down Galen and Raffi and he knows this for sure. He prepares them both for the panic and evil bound to come.

Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters
by Rick Riordan

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I liked this book because it was about Percy Jackson and his adventure to save Camp Halfblood. It was very exciting.

After The Fire
by Will Hill

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This book interested me a lot. This book is about a girl who lives in a legionnaire that is very strict and has a "prophet" that was sent down from their "god". In this, the people who live in here live a very deserted area in a desert. They believe in a war that was prophesied to come true from the prophet. They waited for that to come and it did. There was a huge fire after the fight and Moonbeam was one of the survivors of the fire. She was sent to a hospital after and was treated by a psychiatrist and was told to tell him all about her life before.

Say Cheese And Die Goosebumps
by R.l Stine

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This book was tremendously thrilling to read. I loved the book from beginning to end. The book is about a boy who looks at a garage sale and buys a camera. He thought the camera was cool and decided to take pictures right away. He takes a picture of his friend on the stairs and right after, his friend falls to the floor. He than takes a picture of his dad's new car, and sees a wrecked car when the picture comes in. After a while, his father gets into a car accident where he is severely injured and the car is the same wreck as it was in the picture. He tries to hide the camera from everyone, but they insist that he uses it all the time.

Dream A Little Dream
by Kerstin Gier

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This series is my favorite so far. It's about how Liv, her sister and her mom move several times until they finally settle in Oxford. Liv's mom is divorced but she does have a boyfriend who she later moves in with. When Liv moves in, she gets this dream of her future step-brother, Grayson, and his 3 best friends summoning a ritual. She can walk in dreams as if it was real life. She figures this out when Grayson finally tells her that they can walk in dreams.

Just Dreaming
by Kerstin Gier

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The third book of this series. Liv's secrets are not exactly secrets anymore. The school gossip blogger Secrecy knows Liv's secrets and posts them on the blog. Teachers and some of Liv's peers have been acting strangely ever since Henry's ex-friend has been following them in their dreams. Liv and the boys have to encounter the demon and destroy the book to get the curse out of the way. Anabelle has come back to fulfill the demons wish, to kill Liv.

Fortune Falls
by Jenny Goebel

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Fortune Falls is a town where superstitions are real. There are two groups of people, lucky and unlucky. Sadie has been unlucky for all of her life and doesn’t think that she will get into the Luckies place and will have to say goodbye to everyone she loves.

Because Of Winn Dixie
by Kate Dicamillo

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This book was my favorite. It's about a girl, Opal, and her father who is a preacher, move to Florida. One day, her father told her to go buy grocery's at the supermarket. When she came back, she had brought a big dog that had patches all over. Since Winn-Dixie came, she learned to forget a little bit of her mother who left her as a child. They both make new friends in Florida and get to learn 10 things that her father tells them about her mother.

Shadow Of Night
by Deborah Harkness

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A vampire and a witch time travel to 1590 in search of a teacher for the witch and a long lost book Ashmole 782

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