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The Giver
by Lois Lowry

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This book was extravagantly good. The book is about a place in the future where hatred, fear, and pain have been fully perished. At the age of 12, the elders decide the job or role of the children based on their interests. Jonas is 11 and about to turn 12 in December. Jonas is different from the others. He has pale eyes, while everyone else has dark eyes, he can change objects when he looks at them, and he has unusual powers of perception. When the time had come for the ceremony, he was assigned the job of Receiver of Memory, a really tough job.

Dream On
by Kerstin Gier

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This is the second book of my favorite series and I loved this book as well. Liv now lives happily with her new to-be family and she still travels in her dreams with her boyfriend Henry. Anabel, the girl who haunts her in her dreams, is now locked up, but that's what she thinks. She feels as if though there might be someone following her and Henry as they walk through the corridors in their dreams. Her problems only begin.

Fire And Ice
by Erin Hunter

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Firepaw is now known as Fireheart since he became a warrior. Windclan were driven out of their territory and it is now Fireheart's and his friends, Graystripe's task to go find the Windclan warriors and bring them back to their camp. Meanwhile, after the warriors are back, Graystripe manages to fall in love with a cat from a different clan, which is against the rules. Fireheart tries to stop them before real tragic evolves.

Diary Of The Wimpy Kid The Meltdown
by Jeff Kinney

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I love this book.

the puppy place Bently
by Ellen Miles Puppy Place Books

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I loved this book about Bently because he helped calm down the little boy when he was hurt on the hiking trip and when he helped find buddy when he was lost.

Relic Master
by Catherine Fisher

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Raffi, a scholar who has now recently become a keeper is starting the Deep Journey. Galen, Raffi's master is not exactly the kind to be nice with training. Raffi knows that the Deep Journey is hazardous and even death taking, but Galen says in order to be a keeper, you must go through difficulties. Something is hunting down Galen and Raffi and he knows this for sure. He prepares them both for the panic and evil bound to come.

We'll Fly Away
by Bryan Bliss

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This book is about 2 high school seniors moving away from their abusive family. Their dreams are broken when they find out that Luke has been sentenced to death for murder. Throughout the book, Luke has been sending letter from his jail cell to Toby, who has been beat mostly ever day by his father. This book is about how parents should support their child's life changes and talk about them.

Shadow Of Night
by Deborah Harkness

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A vampire and a witch travel back to 1590 to seek a teacher and find the missing book Ashmole 782

Forest Of Secrets
by Erin Hunter

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Fireheart has a doubt that Tigerclaw had something to do with the death of Redtail, and the attempt to kill Bluestar, their leader. Fireheart tries to tell Bluestar, but she does not believe any word he says. Graystripe has mated with Silverstream, a cat from Riverclan, and dies while giving birth to two kits. Back at home, everyone shakes their head in disappointment at Graystripe. Tigerclaw proves his menace by bringing a group of rogue cats in the clan to kill Bluestar so that he can be leader, but his attempt fails. Fireheart is now appointed deputy, but it doesn't feel the same. Bluestar looks crestfallen and seems as though she can't trust anyone now.

The Walking Dead Rise Of The Governor
by Robert Kirkman

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This book was so vivid that I could imagine everything inside of my head. This book is about how a group of men and a young girl fight to live in a zombie apocalypse. They try to look for any other survivors but have no luck. All they find are zombies, until one day they find people. They all try to reach Atlanta, where it is supposedly the safe spot, without getting infected.

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